Doug Hill

Doug Hill, BSc, MBA

Alberta Health Services - Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital
10230 - 111 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5G 0B7
Phone: 780-735-7999 ext. 2689
Fax: 780-735-7972

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Research Interest:
Scoliosis, Image Processing, Surface Topography, Electronic Databases

Our research is centered around spinal deformities. As an engineering group, much of our work revolves around measuring phenomena. Surface topography of subjects with scoliosis is monitored and quantified to assess the effects of treatment or to track the natural history. An electronic database has been developed to increase the efficacy of the clinic, enhance research capabilities, and to reduce word processing. We have developed a posture control system that gives the wearer feedback on their posture to actively correct their balance. The scoliosis bracing project monitors the forces applied by the brace during daily activity and gives the wearer feedback on how well they are wearing the brace. A novel brace is under development that alters, without user intervention, the applied brace force to maintain the prescribed level. Forces applied during surgical correction and their resultant displacements are monitored to determine safe levels and to input into mathematical models of the surgical procedure.