University of Alberta Hospital, Royal Alexandra Hospital, Misericordia Hospital, and Grey Nuns Hospital.

A clinical elective in Orthopaedic Surgery is available to interested students.  The Orthopaedic Service has active beds that deal with a variety of musculoskeletal problems including trauma, reconstructive hip, shoulder and knee surgery, pediatric surgery, spine surgery and other general orthopaedics.  There are weekly teaching rounds, fracture rounds and other sub-specialty rounds held at UAH and RAH. Students will have the opportunity to attend orthopaedic offices, clinics, and operating rooms.  They will have the opportunity of becoming an integral part of the orthopaedic team and become active in all facets of the service.

Students will have the opportunity to learn how to perform a good basic musculoskeletal examination, be familiar with radiographic aspects of orthopaedics (especially fractures and arthritis), be familiar with general principles of fracture care, arthritis management, and the management of back pain.

Trauma - Dr M Boulaine, Dr R Glasgow Jr., Dr G Goplen, Dr E Masson, Dr D Weber. Arthoplasty - Dr G O'Connor, Dr E Masson. Foot/Ankle - Dr N Jomha, Dr G Goplen, Dr P Leung. General - Dr W James, Dr J McMillian, Dr R Glasgow Sr., Dr DWC Johnston, Dr R Stiegelmar. Hand - Dr L Hunka. Elbow - Dr A Lalani. Knee - Dr G Arnett, Dr D Otto, Dr J Cinats, Dr P Leung. Shoulder - Dr R Balyk, Dr J Bury, Dr M Bouliane, Dr D Otto. Oncology - Dr G Lavoie. Spine - Dr R Henderson, Dr H Jiang, Dr F Kortbeek, Dr J Mahood, Dr M Lavoie. Pediatrics - Dr JB McIvor, Dr M Moreau, Dr D Dick.

2 - 4 weeks

Number of Students:
3 - 5 at a time

For information on scheduling an elective contact:

Katrina Pederson, Program Administrator

Undergraduate Office of Surgical Education

Phone: (780) 735-5953

Email: katrina1@ualberta.ca