Dr Matthew Menon
Dr Marty Bouliane
Dr Gordon Goplen
Dr Nadr Jomha
Dr Rob Stiegelmar
Dr Don Weber

We wish to share our knowledge and experience with Orthopaedic graduates interested in improving their skills in the areas of adult trauma. The fellowship is based at the University of Alberta Hospital. We have a dedicated trauma room and service a population of approximately two million people. The Fellow will learn clinical and surgical skills involving all adult trauma cases except spine. The Fellow is expected to be involved with ongoing research projects and to complete a paper to be submitted for presentation at the COA or similar meeting. The Fellow is also involved in monthly rounds and resident teachings.
The Fellow’s responsibilities will include:
First assist two days of the week (alternating each week)
Half day of follow-up clinic per week
Half day of new patient clinic per week
One day of research/reading per week (ongoing projects)
Interesting cases/Polytrauma
Organize and run Tuesday fracture rounds for residents
Two weekend calls per month
Length of Fellowship
12 months
For Canadian Fellows: a salary commensurate with a PGY6 level of training will be funded by the Edmonton Orthopaedic Fellowship Fund. This fund is supported by the Fellows Surgical Assist Billings.
For Foreign Fellows: external funding would need to be arranged and credential verification by the Physician Credentials Registry of Canada (PCRC) is required before training.