Arthroscopy/Sports Medicine


Dr Dave Otto


Dr Rob Balyk

Dr Marty Bouliane

Dr Jeff Bury

Dr Rob Glasgow

Dr Catherine Hui

Dr Paul Leung

The Fellow will be involved in the care of patients with injuries and disorders of the knee and shoulder. There is an emphasis on sports related injury. The Fellow will learn clinical skills to properly evaluate and treat these patients. The Fellow will develop expertise in advanced arthroscopic techniques and will see a surgical caseload of 500 procedures in 12 months. One day a week will be dedicated to research and study. The Fellow is expected to be involved with ongoing research projects and to complete a paper for presentation (at the COA or similar meeting) and submission for publication. The Fellow will also be involved in monthly rounds presentations and resident teaching. The Fellow will not be required to take call.

The Fellow’s responsibilities will include:
OR first assist 2 – 3 days of the week
Office/clinic 1 – 2 days with new patients and follow-up patients
1 day of research/reading per week
Organize monthly sports medicine rounds
Length of Fellowship
12 months

For Canadian Fellows: a salary commensurate with a PGY6 level of training will be funded by the Edmonton Orthopaedic Fellowship Fund. This fund is supported by the Fellows Surgical Assist Billings.
For Foreign Fellows: external funding would need to be arranged and credential verification by the Physician Credentials Registry of Canada (PCRC) is required before training.


Applications for fellowship will generally open on July 1 two years preceding the fellowship year and close by February 1 of the preceding year. Incomplete applications, or applications sent too early will be returned.

Candidates selected for an interview will be contacted by February 28th of the preceding year.   As there are candidates applying who may live a far distance from Edmonton, telephone interviews may be the first step. Interviews will be carried out until April of the preceding year, and selection of fellows will be made shortly thereafter.
Once the selection of the fellows has been done, fellowship applications must also be done through the post-graduate medical education office at the University of Alberta. 

Applications should include:
-curriculum vitae
-a cover letter describing the applicant’s interest in the  program at the University of Alberta, career aspirations, and any other professional or personal items that may add to the application
-three letters of reference